My wife, Varsha Garwa, was unwellfor nearly 10 years. She used to a keep coughing a lot and her cough used to contain blood at times. The blood went on increasing over the last few years. She had developed a fungal ball (aspergilloma) in a cavity in a part of her lung. She was treated by various doctors, however, nothing worked. By a stroke of luck, we came across Dr. Amol Bhanushali’s name. The treatment offered by Dr. Bhanushali was world class. He was very patient and polite. He explained to us everything about the disease and its treatment. He also instilled confidence in us that the surgery would be successful. The Center for Lung Surgery at Dr. Bhanushali Hospital has state-of-the-art infrastructure and has everything under one roof. My entire family is grateful to Dr. Bhanushali for treating my wife and ending her decade long misery.